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What is Pandit Library and how does it work?

Pandit Library is an online rental library for books, toys and cd’s that delivers books and toys to your doorstep.  You sign up, add books to your online reading queue and we deliver it at your doorstep free of cost.  When you’re finished, call our helpdesk/request for return through online.

Rent as many books and toys as per your membership plan at low price, with no due dates or late fees.


What are the different plans available?

See Plans and pricing tab in home page.


How many books and toys can I rent each month?

See Plans and pricing tab in home page


What is the advantage of using pandit library? 

Here are some advantages we offer you:                                               

  • No waiting lists for popular titles and authors
  • No driving across to rent/borrow books and toys
  • No due dates or late fees
  • Unlimited hours reading

Do I need to register to become a member?



Can I register on your website now and become a member later?

Yes, you can register and browse books, toys & cds now. If you like our website then you can choose your suitable membership plan and become a member.


How long does it take to get and return books and toys? What are your delivery personnel’s working time?

Most members can expect delivery /pickup 2 - 3 days after you request online or through helpdesk.  Our delivery personnel working time is 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday (Except public holidays and Sundays).


Can I borrow next set of books & toys without returning previous books & toys?

No, you can't.  As these books and toys need to go to other requesters also.


How do the books and toys which I returned get updated in your system?

Once you return the books and toys to our pickup/delivery person, the subsequent day your returned products will be updated in “My Account” page in and also you will receive a confirmation email from us.


Whom should I contact if I did not receive an email after returning my books and toys?

Sometimes, we might miss to update your returned books & toys. If you don’t get an email within three days of returning books and toys, please go to our contact us page and send us an email or through live chat or call us and we will fix it right away.  


What if I lose or damage the books and toys?

No Problem. You can call our helpdesk or send an email about the lost or damaged items. If you have a genuine reason, then we can sort it out without fine for first time. For lost/damaged items from the second time, we will bill you at actual cost of books & toys for lost and used price for damage. 

Please be considerate as other members may like to rent and read the same books and toys.


How does billing work? Can I find out when and how much I'm billed each month?

Your first bill goes through on the day you create your membership plan account enabled, and subsequent monthly subscription fees post every month after that.  Please check the "My Account" page; you can view your payment due, subscription plan and billing history etc.


Why do you accept only Cash on Delivery (COD)?

We can only accept Cash on Delivery at this moment because this subscription amount is very small.  We are working with merchant account team to accept a Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.  We will soon accept online payments through


Will I be charged extra if I am late with the monthly payments?

No, you won't be charged any extra fee for late payments, but we will not deliver books or toys to you until you clear your dues.


Do I get a reminder if I forget to pay monthly subscription?

Yes, we do send auto reminders through email or by phone.


What will happen if I don't pay my monthly subscription for two months continuously?

Your monthly subscription automatically gets deducted from your refundable deposit.  If the monthly subscription is less than refundable deposit then it will be deducted on pro-rata basis from refundable deposit until it becomes zero.  You will get a notification once your account becomes zero.


I’m going on vacation. Can I put my Pandit Library account on hold?

Of course you can. At any time and for any reason, you can choose to put your Pandit Library account on hold. Call our helpdesk or send us email via contact us form. During that time, you won’t be charged but you can still log in to your account and browse the books & toys.

To reactivate your account call our helpdesk or send us email via contact us form (no charge to reactivate your account).

Please be considerate to return the books and toys if you are going on long vacation.


What kind of books and toys do you have?

Our catalog features the most popular titles today, so feel free to browse or search through our catalog before signing up.  If you can’t find a book or toy you’re looking for, you can request a book through contact us form or through helpdesk/livechat. We will try to get it for you.


What condition are the books and toys in?

Many of our books will be brand new, while most of the titles will be gently used but durable, clean and ready to accompany you wherever you want to read them.  All our toys are new from the toy shop. We do sanity check each and every time when the books and toys are returned to our warehouse.


Can I buy the books & toys I rent?

Certainly! If you want to buy a book or toy which you read/play we will deliver a new book/toy at your doorstep at retail price without any added cost.


I want to manage someone else’s account for them. Can I do that?

Yes, you can.  Please send us an email from authorized member to do so.


Do you rent textbooks, audiobooks, large print etc?

We stock the most popular literatures, fiction, non-fiction, self-help and health in standard hardcover and paperback formats. At this time, we do not rent textbooks, dvd's, audiobooks, ebooks, large print books, reference books etc.


Do you have a paper catalog with all the books you rent?

As we constantly keep adding new books and toys, we will send you an updated list of books and toys via email (New products rss feed available in, please subscribe). Search or browse through our extensive online catalog to review our new offerings.


Is it easy to cancel a Pandit library account?

Yes. You can cancel your account at any time without any hidden fees. However, there are no refunds for partial months. Once you cancel your account, please return rented books and toys to the delivery person/warehouse within 7 days.


How do I get my refundable deposit?

Once you return the book and toys, Pandit Library admin will review your pending accounts (after deducting the charges for loss and damage of books, if any) and will return your refundable deposit within 7-10 working days.


How do I cancel my account in

Send a confirmation email from your username email id we will deactivate your account within 5 days.


Can I see my rental history?

Yes, you can login to your account and it will show your entire rental history on “My Account Page”.


How do I upgrade/downgrade my membership?

Please give a call to Helpdesk/Livechat.  Upgrade and Downgrade can only reflect from subsequent months in your account, so no partial months upgrade/downgrade.


What to do if I forgot my password?

Many times it happens in today's busy world.  It is simple, just go to home page and right side middle small block you can find forgot password link.  Click the link ‘forgot password?' enter your Email id and click on “submit” button. Your password will be emailed to you right away.  Do not forget to reset your password in My Dashboard once you are logged in.


Book Bank Enroll Process

Two passport size photo, college id card/college fees paid slip along with Pandit Library application form.


How many books students can take?

Based on your plan, students avail one book per subject and maximum of 6 books on Economy Plan & Flexible Plan and 6 + 3 reference books on Super Plan


Can I exchange books at any time during semester?

Yes you can, however based on availability of books you have chosen.


How long can I keep the Engineering and Management books?

You can keep the books until your exam and need to return within 15days after your exam.  If we don't receive books within 15 days we will charge late fee.


Can I get arrear Books?

Yes you can, but based on availability of requested books and there is no extra cost for that.


How many extra books I can take apart from 6 books?

You can avail 3 extra books in Super Plan only.