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B each Barbie, Transformers action figures, Hot Wheels, remote-controlled cars — with each day throwing up a new toy, it's not long before the woolly-haired rag doll is left to gather dust in the attic. So what do you do when your child outgrows one toy and demands another, something far more expensive? This is where toy-lending libraries step in....


If a child breaks a toy, a fine has to be paid. This also teaches them to be careful with their belongings. And it's not just the toys that keep them going, says Sujatha Gopi of Pandit Library, which began early this year. “Like the others, we also have toys, CDs and books for children from age three to 12. Books are as popular as toys and we have around 800 children's books. Educational CDs and those with rhymes and stories also go well with our customers. This concept of specialising in kids' entertainment is gaining popularity as NRIs who settle down here are on the lookout for such places.”... Read More...


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Reading is one of the best habits that one can cultivate in his lifetime. It is the best hobby a person can ever have.  By reading a person has nothing to lose but one can gain tons of knowledge from it. In today's world parents should encourage their children to improve their reading habit, but most parents don't have time for this.  But in reality it's a big task and responsibility of parents to imply their children to cultivate reading habit.   In stories which our Granma had told us, we have heard that suddenly God came in front of a person and gave all knowledge in a day.   We are not so lucky these days to see God in front of us to grant us all knowledge in a day.  We can gain knowledge only step by step and Reading plays a big part in it.


Start reading one page a day, two pages on the second day, three pages on the third day, and five pages after a week.   After two months you will be surprised about your reading limit and you can easily read 10 pages per hour. 


How reading habit helps us?


If you are thinking how reading could help us then here are some benefits of reading.


Reading increases our knowledge and helps us to know many new things.  It improves concentration & focus thereby helping one to achieve his dream with more confidence.  Reading increases our vocabulary knowledge.   Many times we learn new words while reading.  Reading creates awareness about the happenings around the world.


Thinking of a way to develop reading habit?  oh.. That's easy.   Join a nearby Books library or libraries, rent books and start reading.  Books and Toys rental services are famous in today’s world.  Still don’t find time to visit the library personally? Relax… There's still an easy way.


We are here to help you in that. Visit our website  Read now and you will lead later.


Happy Reading! Happy Renting!


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