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Tuesday Inside - Know About The Book: RIGHT FIT WRONG SHOE by VARSHA DIXIT

If you are having a good day 'Right 'Fit Wrong Shoe will make it better, if the day's bad it won't get any worse.

What does a woman want? Shoes? Nope, Sex? Maybe,

Money? Yes but nowadays her own . . . Hmmphh so then what does a today's woman really, really deep, deep down want? Still your hearts and hold your breath. LOVE! And Right Fit Wrong Shoe shall give it to her.

The story is of a twenty six year old Nandini Sharma, who falls for the stinking rich and appropriately intelligent bad boy, next door—her neighbour, Aditya Sarin. Nandini, like every other person, inhabiting the planet India, has been 'touched' by Bollywood (that is about to become a global phenomena, If It has not already). She mocks certain death (Aditya) and suffers stoically for love (Aditya, again. Go Figure!) Right Fit Wrong Shoe begins at a point where all love stories end.

RFWS is Indian at core and urban in language. Humorous to the point of causing cramps or tears. Feel good enough to compete with chocolates and ice-cream. An unusual ode to Bollywood. Short chapters and gripping story makes it a page turner, accepting the imminent reality of SAS - short attention span No graphic scenes, physical intimacy verbalized In a delicate manner, more emotions than body parts. It is also a heartwarming exploration of women friendship, older and younger. A story overcoming generation gaps. Dripping with humour and romance, it encases a young woman's thoughts on the society she survives in.

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