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About Pandit Library


We are book lovers and read many books whenever we get a time.  After a small journey in the consulting industry and having visited a few countries across globe,we saw that in foreign countries, from children to old age people spend/allocate time for reading books (e-g. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Thriller etc), but we never allocate time to read books after finishing our school days.   We have great brains in India and we can make many wonders in this beautiful world.  If we turn around and see the upcoming young generation they love to read books nowadays, however, they don't have time to personally go and shop/rent books as their parents are in fast forward life.

After reading few articles on future library for young generation, it has given me a small insight to make our small foot print in online lending library in India to rent the books to public at lower monthly rates without due dates/no fines and hassle free delivery at member's door step.  This is a small step from us to turn the younger generation into reading habits.

What is our vision?


Current Plans

Lending books to wider audience at lower monthly rates without due dates & no late fees and free delivery at member's door step.

Promoting reading habit in younger generation.


Future Plans

Work with book mentors to enhance the reading skills.

And so on...

Keep watching us for more updates....


 to all of you, from all of us at Pandit Library - Thank you and Happy Browsing & Renting!


Pandit Library Team